DIG IT! Discovering Innovative Green Industry Techniques

 The DSBN offers grade 11 and 12 students throughout the Board the opportunity to participate in an innovative SHSM Regional Horticulture Program, called “DIG IT!” – Discovering Innovative Green Industry Techniques.  Students will attend for a half day for one semester, of Green Industry/Horticulture classes at the SHSM Regional Centre.

 Through this exciting program students will be introduced to and involved with:

  • Aquaponics;
  • Aeroponics;
  • Vermaculture;
  • Locally Grown and Farm to Table practices;
  • The development of a Community Garden Program;
  • An Experimental Greenhouse.

SHSM Regional Horticulture students will have the advantage of working in partnership with the Niagara Parks Commission, Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, Niagara Golf courses, the Canadian Wildlife Federation and other community partners.

To apply for this innovative program please complete the application along with your Guidance teacher.