The District School Board of Niagara’s DSBNi program is an international home building program in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Global Village. This exciting program was launched in 2008 with our first build in Paraguay, and since then groups of students and teachers have travelled to various countries including El Salvador and Vietnam to build homes for families in need.

This one-of-a-kind, life-changing program is open to grade 11 students throughout the DSBN and provides them with an amazing opportunity to gain insight into another culture and guides them in becoming global citizens.

 “DSBNi taught us to appreciate the little things, care about one another, and that the most important things you will do in your life, are done for others.  My life will truly never be the same after this experience.” – DSBNi student

DSBNi provides students with opportunities for first-hand, experiential learning. In the host country, team members work side-by-side with local trades people and the recipient family as they construct the home. Students earn a cooperative education credit for their participation. Throughout the months of planning prior to the build, team members complete basic language instruction, First Aid certification, safety, basic construction and cultural training.

As evidence of the trip’s lasting effect on students, many of those who have participated in the DSBNi program have gone on to pursue post-secondary goals in areas such as global development, teaching, medicine, political science and construction contracting.