The District School Board of Niagara operates eight Design, Science and Technology (DS&T) Centres in the Niagara Region that focus on providing unique hands-on learning opportunities that meet the expectations for the Science and Technology curriculum.

The goal of the Elementary Design, Science & Technology Program is to provide students with the opportunity for a hands-on approach to exploring technology and developing problem solving skills in a safe and positive environment. Students experience discovery based modules using technological tools such as robotics equipment, wood-working tools and CNC milling machines, as well as CAD, architectural, graphics and presentation software to complete projects. The Centres support the Science and Technology curriculum students receive at their home school.

Critical aspects of technological problem solving that are stressed throughout the program:

  • Safety
  • Understanding the problem / situation
  • Careful planning
  • Purposeful selection and use of tools and materials
  • Constructing the product or process
  • Testing
  • Modifying product or process and then retesting
  • Communicating the solution