Results for the DSBN 2018 Technological Skills Challenges are now in. These are the top 3 placements in each Challenge, alphabetically by school. Our Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners will be announced at the Skills Celebration April 17.

2D Animation
E.L. Crossley - Amber Penner and Emily Rollo
       Sir Winston - Hunter Toward and Jared Roberge
       Westlane - Anthony Poirier and Olivia Chen

Architectural CAD 
        Grimsby - Paige Epp
        Westlane - Edmond Zhang
        Westlane - Kenny Si

Automotive Service Challenge 
       Greater Fort Erie - Randy Giroux
       Grimsby - Ryan Kajaste
       Port Colborne - Mitch Black

Greater Fort Erie - Gracie Kohinski
       Port Colborne - Aisha Wiens
       St. Catharines Collegiate - Antonio Romero


Carpentry - Individual
       AN Myer - Eli Sibley
       Eden - Alex Riley
       Thorold - James Kocjan

Carpentry - Team of 2 
       Centennial - Chris Gajdek and Stephen Koiter
       Eden - Daniel Ridings and Robert Falk
       Thorold - Luke Dupelle and Vince Colavecchia

Eden - Harry Hopman
       E.L. Crossley - Shahbaz Momi
       Sir Winston - Daniel Luan

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
to be announced

Culinary Arts
Beamsville - Chris Rose
       Stamford - Luka Medic
       St. Catharines Collegiate - Murphy Lau

Electrical Installations
E.L. Crossley - Dylan Biggar
E.L. Crossley - Justin Martin
       Westlane - Joshua Bigelow

Beamsville - Cordelia McFerran
       Westlane - Jennifer Vo
       Westlane - Marlee Harman

Geographical Information Systems
Eden - Kiran Hazra and Matthew Guenther
       E.L. Crossley - Hayden Russell and Kelsie Dyson
Port Colborne - Aidan Hawkins and Brad Young

Graphic Design - Presentation
E.L. Crossley - Mitchell Frick
E.L. Crossley - Veja Lianga
Sir Winston - Hayden Zavitz

Graphic Design - Studio Production
Governor Simcoe - Jonathan Koppers
       Governor Simcoe - Sean Davidson
       Sir Winston - Jake Tallon

Hairstyling (Tie for Bronze)
       Stamford - Amelia Grypma
       Stamford - Cassandra MacLean
       Stamford - Michael Shannon
       St. Catharines Collegiate - Olivia Moreau

Job Interview
E.L. Crossley - Emily Bonisteel
       Greater Fort Erie - Sabrina Carlson
       Thorold - Michael Boisvert

Job Skills Demonstration
Greater Fort Erie - Bailey Arih
       Greater Fort Erie - Kara Bateman
       Port Colborne - Josh Bennett

Mechanical CAD 
       Eden - Ben Busca
       Sir Winston - Halin Wang
       Sir Winston - Nathan Shegobind

       DSBN Academy - Bronwyn Crawford
       DSBN Academy - Drewcilla Aaron
       Sir Winston - Emily Sharik-Carreiro

Precision Machining (Tie for Bronze)
       Grimsby - Jack Whattam
       Port Colborne - RJ Van Kralingen
       St. Catharines Collegiate - Joseph Waterman
       Thorold - Kyle Crowe
Westlane - Andrew Searle
       Westlane - Joshua Bigelow
       Westlane - Zachary Brown

Robotics -Team
To be announced

Small Powered Equipment 
Eastdale - Tim Anderson
       Port Colborne - Adam Wagner
       Port Colborne - Matthew Bowers

TV and Video Production
DSBN Academy - Jordan Bedford and Maggie Bernier
      Governor Simcoe - Katie McKenna and Lucas Sawatzky
      Sir Winston - Carmyn Wrighton and Emily Draaistra

(Tie for Bronze)
Port Colborne - Joel Snider
       Port Colborne - Mathew VanVliet
       Port Colborne - Myles Jackson
       Thorold - Laura Giroux