Results for the DSBN 2019 Technological Skills Challenges! 

2D Animation - Team of 2

 Gold Alexander Doyi Westlane
 Gold Anthony Poirier Westlane
 Silver Julia Buerger E L Crossley
 Silver Monica Pastore E L Crossley
 Bronze Richard Bartlett E L Crossley
 Bronze Kieran Inaba E L Crossley


 Gold Kira Flanagan St. Catharines Collegiate
 Silver Laura Hernandez-Santiago St. Catharines Collegiate
 Bronze Violet Alligood St. Catharines Collegiate

Architectural CAD

 Gold Brandon Doyi Westlane
 Silver Johnson Luu Westlane
 Bronze Hannah Robertson Eden


Automotive Service  

 Gold Mitch Black Port Colborne
 Silver Ryan Kajaste Grimsby
 Bronze Randy Giroux Greater Fort Erie



 Gold Cody Lau St Catharines Collegiate
 Silver Gracie Kohinski Greater Fort Erie
 Bronze Jinhyeong Jeon St Catharines Collegiate


Carpentry - Individual

 Gold Adam Wagner Port Colborne
 Silver Carter Sheridan Beamsville
 Bronze Eli Sibley AN Myer


Carpentry - Team of 2 

 Gold Daniel Ridings Eden
 Gold Robbie Falk Eden
 Silver Nolan Poirier Thorold
 Silver Vince Colavecchia Thorold
 Bronze Connor Kochany Eastdale
 Bronze Connor Morden Eastdale



 Gold Vedat Ozkan Grimsby
 Silver Dhruv Shah Westlane
 Bronze Trevor Galivan Grimsby
 Bronze Michael Sheinman Grimsby


Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

 Gold Josiah Thiessen Eden
 Silver Jerry Dick Eden
 Bronze Ethan Mewhinney Eden


Culinary Arts

 Gold Mike Huynh St Catharines Collegiate
 Silver Chris Rose Beamsville
 Silver Stella Urquart St Catharines Collegiate
 Bronze Airibella Frumusa Greater Fort Erie


Electrical Installations

 Gold Matthew Warankie E L Crossley
 Silver Jason Carter E L Crossley
 Bronze Joshua Bigelow Westlane
 Bronze Josh Kerec E L Crossley



 Gold Rachel Morrow E L Crossley
 Silver Kimberlyn Kulawic Beamsville
 Bronze Yvonne Woodland St Catharines Collegiate


Geographical Information Systems - Team of 2

 Gold Hannah Walker Port Colborne
 Gold Aidan Hawkins Port Colborne
 Silver Anandi Dajka Port Colborne
 Silver Cory Ferri Port Colborne
 Silver Lexi Haslam Eden
 Silver Kiran Hazra Eden
 Bronze Ashton Jeffs Port Colborne
 Bronze Geoffrey Jensen Port Colborne


Graphic Design - Presentation

Gold Ryann Scheib Sir Winston Churchill
Silver Emily Rollo E.L. Crossley
Bronze Zivi Schaffer E.L. Crossley


Graphic Design - Studio Production

 Gold Emily MacDonald Sir Winston Churchill
 Silver Mackenzie Furry Port Colborne
 Bronze Mady Rubel Sir Winston Churchill



 Gold Michael Shannon Stamford Collegiate
 Silver Lilith Gibson St Catharines Collegiate
 Bronze Amelia Grypma Stamford Collegiate

Job Interview   

 Gold Mariah Andrews DSBN Academy
 Silver Sydney Alexander Thorold
 Bronze Emily Bonisteel E L Crossley

Job Skills Demonstration

 Gold Bailey Arih Greater Fort Erie
 Silver Josh Bennett Port Colborne
 Bronze Dawson Woytaz Sir Winston Churchill


 Mechanical CAD

 Gold Nathan Sheogobind Sir Winston Churchill
 Silver Braeden Fieguth A N Myer
 Bronze Charles Champion Thorold


 Gold Georgia Major Centennial
 Silver Elijah Allison E L Crossley
 Bronze Mackenzie Wayland Sir Winston Churchill

Precision Machining 

 Gold Mac Levesque St Catharines Collegiate
 Silver Devin Beauchamp Thorold
 Bronze Jack Whattam Grimsby
 Bronze Brett Clayton Greater Fort Erie


 Gold Dan Crosswell Westlane
 Silver KJ Grout Westlane
 Bronze Niles Chamberland Westlane

Robotics -Team
   to be announced


Small Powered Equipment 

 Gold Tim Anderson Eastdale
 Silver Eric Cunningham Governor Simcoe
 Bronze Matthew Bowers Port Colborne


TV and Video Production - team of 2

 Gold Parween Taheri Sir Winston Churchill
 Gold Malik Yagubi Sir Winston Churchill
 Silver Samantha Savage Sir Winston Churchill
 Silver Razaq Vaseekaran Sir Winston Churchill
 Bronze Kaleb Nguyen Centennial
 Bronze Burke Bridgeman Centennial



 Gold Myles Jackson Port Colborne
 Silver Nicholas Peppas Port Colborne
 Bronze Joel Nisbett Port Colborne
 Bronze Jacob Turner Thorold